Monday, July 02, 2007

Dear Mr. Truck Driver

Share the fucking road. Next time you see someone pedalling their bike on the side of the road--please yield so fucking space. You were so close to me twice that I could have held on to the side of your truck. Would it have killed you to slow and move your big ass truck over? One swift gust of wind and your truck would have knocked me flat on my ass and I don't think it would have ended pretty. I accept my place as a cyclist at the bottom of the right to be on the road chain. But there are signs everywhere that tell you and remind you and scream at you to "Share the Road". My tax dollars pay for it equally as yours.

Ticked off and Angry cyclist...

PS--to those few of you who also today didn't really "see" me and pulled out right in front of me. You're right in thinking my bike wouldn't do much damage to your car but my life is worth more that those pieces of metal and fiberglass. Are you really in such a hurry that the 15 extra seconds you would have had to wait were worth almost hitting me? If so, you really need to free up your schedule.

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sarah said...

Sounds like you had a great ride ;)