Thursday, June 28, 2007


Can you believe it there are still books being published. Okay, so I am only half joking. Now that it is summer and I am totally bored and irritated by TV. I was already starting to move in this direction way before summer. Anyway, TV sucks. Minnow is going to bed on his own at a reasonable hour--sometime between 8:15 and 9:15. He even asks in his toddler way to go to bed when he is ready. He stands at the bottom of the steps, pounds on the baby gate and says "pweez". How can I resist. If the man wants to go to bed then I will be more than happy to let him. Of course he cries when you put him in his crib. But the only lasts a few minutes--on the outside maybe 5 and then he is off to sleepyland.

So, I have been spending the time after he goes to bed and before I go to bed--get this--reading. Yes reading. Oh how I missed reading. I have read 3 books since Sunday. I must also add that the books I am reading are not literary masterpieces similar to what I have to read for graduate school. But I am getting to read fun books. I love reading.

What are you reading? What have you read and is it good? I have another 6 weeks before grad school starts again. I need some suggestions--I could possibly read another 12 or so books. Hit me with your bookshelf picks.


Becky said...

What have you read this week? I'm on a book kick too. I've really missed it and yes, tv does suck in the summer! I'm going to the library soon to stock up. Are you looking for funny light reads or more in depth?

MP2 said...

Yah, what are you reading?

Stacie said...

Umm... books? All I do is read blogs! :) Just kidding - the next book I want to read is "What is the What" by David Eggers. It is about the lost boys of Sudan, but it is fiction. I've heard great things about it and I really like David Eggers. I'm not promising anything though b/c I haven't read it yet either!

Karianne said...

I've been reading the dog memoirs by Jon Katz and I'm loving them. Very realistic about owning dogs.

I also really liked the 13th Tale, but I'm not sure who it was by.

And yes, what are you reading?

Anonymous said...

Well, waiting for the Last (sob) Harry Potter. But, recently re-read and loved "the kite runner", "the way the crow flies", and breath eyes, memory. My all time fav book is called A tree grows in Brooklyn! :)
Happy reading!
I LOVE it too!
MalĂ­a's Mama

Stacie said...

I love A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and two great companions to that is The Glass Castle and Change Me Into Zeus' Daughter (both memoirs). (Sorry I keep commenting - I'm enjoying the book discussion)