Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No longer perfect

that is right. I said it. Minnow is no longer perfect. Let me amend something here--he is no longer physically perfect. But perfect in every other way. He chipped one of his front teeth being a boy. He was running and playing and his upper body moved just ever so faster than his lower body and he chipped his tooth, split his little lip and ended up with a big old fat lip. Grandpa gave him a popscile to help with the pain. Minnow really liked that, but daddy eventually took it away as Minnow was making a really big mess.

I know that this is really the first in a long line of accidents my little daredevil boy will have, but I feel as though this first accident is a reflection on me. I know it isn't. I cannot keep inside and in the stroller every where we go. He is a boy and wants to play, run, explore, jump, etc. I can protect him from dangers but I cannot protect him from simple little accidents. Sorry Minnow.


Becky said...

Oh, ouch! Poor minnow. This is not your fault and yes I'm sorry to agree there will be many more. Here's a few from my boys; knocked a tooth all the way back to the roof of his mouth, had stitches above eye and many fat lips, really bad scraped knees and hands along with chipped teeth, bit tongues and BIG bumps on the head oh and bruises, bruises, bruises! Every time it's so awful and I feel bad. Baby guy just fell at the playground and got his first "tooth through the lip".

Anonymous said...

Feel better Minnow! If it makes you feel any better, Amelie chipped her tooth the day after it came in. She's a girl, but plays like a boy! For example, she enjoys tuck rolls off the couch onto the floor. She's had more fat lips than I can count at this point.


MP2 said...

I think Minnow will always be perfect (-: