Monday, June 25, 2007

Time to Train

Well, I am getting ready for another Century. Yes, if you must know I am a little bit crazy. I was planning on doing one in early September near the small beach town in Indiana where my brother and his partner have a house a few blocks from Lake Michigan in the Dunes National Park. But it turns out I cannot do it as there is a football game that weekend and I work all of the home football games with my mom and brother and family friend to raise money for a small catholic church downtown that just happens to be across the street from the football stadium. Anyway...long explaination for really something not so important.

I really wanted to do a second century this year and I wanted to do one at the end of the summer, so I could really get some training in--so I really haven't started training yet. I was going to start this coming week. So, I was looking for a ride to do that was somewhat close to home. Well I did happen to find one in Chicago--Naperville really that falls on Aug 5th. It is perfect. We are going to Chicago on the 4th to see the Mesgana dancers and then going to my brothers beach house in Indiana for 3-4 days so Minnow can play at the beach. I know that my brother was hoping that we would spend more time at the house over the weekend, but that really just isn't going to happen. So now I am forced to be ready by Aug 5th to ride 102 miles. I have mapped out my training and it should be doable. On the bright side, it should totally help me with the weight loss. I am excited about that prospect.

Century goal--6.5 hours total time (including stops)
Last Century--7 hours and 48 minutes--acutally riding time.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Good luck with your training! Does Noah get to ride in a cart thingamabobber behind you?!

Anonymous said...

Go get em!