Monday, May 07, 2007

Like a Phoenix Rising

from the ashes...I have returned. I really wasn't anywhere, just buried in life and the end of my graduate classes. As I type this now, my last paper of the semester--all 23 pages of it--is printing and I am only a few hours from turning it in. I love the end of the school year. No matter how old I get--I have been in school constantly since I was 4 in one respect or another--student and/or teacher--the end of the school year is exciting and brings with it such a feeling of accomplishment, hope, possibility, and freedom.

Things are moving right along here at casa del Finley. Our little Minnow is not a full-fledged toddler and he is loving and hating it at the same time. He wants to be able to do everything, but really can only do so much. He is already beginning to realize that there is a limit to his sad to have to learn this at such a young age. He is lucky or some would say unlucky that he will quickly forget that he can't do everything he wants--we go through it everyday. He is the light of my life and I cannot not even imagine what it will be like a year from now, when we are adding to our family againg.

I am still slowing working on our dossier for a baby girl. Our homestudy update is not done, as we are waiting for fingerprint print clearances from the FBI. Once the clearances are back, the update should only take a couple of weeks to get finished, and I can get all the dossier documents done by them as I do already have the doctor's letter and our reference letters. I was smart enough to get the things that take the longest first.

Spring has sprung and I promise I am back to blogging full-time. The next semester doesn't start until August. Oh summer break was never so great....


5KidMom said...

Welcome back, and congrats on making it to the end of the school year! Since my husband is a teacher, summer is a favorite time at our house too.

I look forward to following you through your next adoption journey. 8^)

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on your baby girl. I'm so excited to be following you and Anne through this again!

Karianne said...

You can so tell that he is the same kid. Filled out a bit, but looks just the same. You guys are adorable. I can't wait for the next one.