Monday, August 07, 2006


For our impeding departure are in full swing. I did some shopping yesterday and got some essentials--a big suitcase. We are carry-on only travelers usually. I was hoping to be able to do that for this trip--but with all the supplies that we ned for the little one that is just impossible, so I had to buy a big suitcase. Kohl's was having a great sale so I got a $339 suitcase for $99--totally sweet deal. I also picked up the required video camera--we don't have one and I'm glad as I really like the new technology and we would eventually have to upgrade to what we have now anyway. I love the camera and it was a pretty good deal--as I didn't have to pay sales tax on it. This weekend was our tax-free shopping holiday for back to school--awesome again. I also bought a 1 gig compact flash card for my digital camera. I wanted a new digital camera but that will have to wait--I thought a video camera was more important as I really am jealous of those who have home movies of when they were kids. That and I look forward to making movies and mailing them to so much of our family that lives out of town--this way we can share the baby's growth and moments with his grandparents and uncle's that live out of town.

I am going to start my packing list in earnest today. I have to figure out what is going in carryon luggage and what is going in checked luggage and how I will manage everything, etc. It is stressful but very exciting. It will all be fine I am sure...Okay I want to be sure, but I can't be yet. Once we are safely off the plane in Addis and at our hotel, I might then think that everything is fine.

One a different note, it seems that I have landed myself a job as a blogger. I will be blogging about fertility issues. This is something important to me because it is something that hubby and I have struggled with ad nauseum. I am happy to have a job--making a little "pocket money" do people say that any more? Pocket money. That seems a little old fashioned. It is great. I can make a little money and work form home and add to my resume as a professional paid to writer--writer. That is what is exciting for me. Once my new blog is up and running I will post here and let you all know--just incase you are curious.

Well, I have to walk the dogs and make packing lists and clean the bedroom. Fun isn't it and glamorous this life of a stay at home mom.

I am hoping that MP over at Thebusforus has made it to Addis okay with her husband and that there little wee one is happily in their arms forever. It is joyous when families are united and I am still amazed that it is possible to create families. The miracle of life and adoption.

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5KidMom said...

Wow!! Congratulations on being a "real" paid writer!

MP has Teeny now. Beautiful stuff!

Happy packing 8^)