Sunday, August 06, 2006


We finally got a lot of work down around the house in preparation for the arrival of our little one. We leave in less than 2 weeks--13 days to be exact but who's counting. Anyway, I think I have sufficently addressed previously that I am not a stellar housekeeper. I don't even think anyone who really knows me would use my name and housekeeper in the same sentence, maybe not even in the same paragraph with out some form a negation. So, my mom decided that hubby and I would not get done what needs to get done, without some help. At first I was slightly put off, as though I really thought we would get it done. Anyway, finally mom steam rolled me and called yesterday morning and announced that she was on her way over to "help". With her came my baby brother--who is an awesome housekeeper--dressed in a paper hazmat type suit declaring "I'm ready to clean." Okay, our house might be messy, but it certainly doesn't warrant a hazmat suit. But it was really funny. So in four hours of solid working with the family and 2 hours of working before they even came, we got rid of every piece of trash and clutter in the house. Rearranged furntiure, organized rooms, and cleaned the backyard and garage. It was awesome. Having them here helping saved us 2 full days of work. I am still amazed. One because hubby and I are hoarders--we hate to throw things away, my mom and bro had no problems helping us part with things, even if we didn't really want to. My mom is a force to be recokened with--there were no unsanctioned breaks being taken. You worked until yo were done with whatever task you were working on. I love my family. We are now actually ready for the baby to come home. Of course I still have packing and other things to do--like shopping.

I am happy with what we have gotten done. I still have our bedroom left to fix up a little but that really shouldn't take long--I hope. Well, we really are one step closer to being ready to be parents. Yay!!

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