Tuesday, August 08, 2006

100 Things

Hard to believe that I am already at 100 posts. Wow. When I started this blog I was worried that I wouldn't have anything really to say and certainly didn't think anyone would really read it. Well here I am and there you are. I don't know if there are 100 things about me, but lets try.

  1. I will be 35 in 23 days.
  2. I have PCOS
  3. I was fat--not just heavy but fat
  4. I have lost just over 50 lbs
  5. I still need to lose 50-65 more lbs to be where I want to be
  6. I want my boobs to be smaller
  7. I miss riding my bike
  8. I rode my first century on Sept 19th 2004
  9. I didn't ride my bike for 6 months after that
  10. I can be really bitchy
  11. I have never ever tried an illegal substance-ever.
  12. I harbor bad feeling against my teenage students who get pregnant while I cannot.
  13. I lost faith in the educational system in terms of the underprivledged this past year
  14. I love to read
  15. I use to read only romance novels--by the time I graduated high school I had read every book Danielle Steele had written.
  16. I haven't read a Danielle Steele book since.
  17. I love mysteries.
  18. I have a BA in English from the University of California--Santa Barbara
  19. I am working on my MA in Englisht at the University of Missouri-St. Louis
  20. I don't work as hard in school as I should as I am fine with a B
  21. We have 2 fish tanks
  22. I don't like fish tanks
  23. We have 2 dogs that we found abandonded on a golf course
  24. We have 3 cats
  25. We are leaving in less than 2 weeks to pick up our first son from Ethiopia
  26. We have a 52 inch wide screen TV
  27. I love TV
  28. I have been ignoring my Tivo
  29. I love reality TV--I watch Big Brother
  30. I enjoy learning new things
  31. I did not know that the Nile flowed South to North
  32. I never really thought about it
  33. I didn't pay that much attention in school
  34. I still have all the notes my friends ever wrote me in high school
  35. They make for really funny reading
  36. I have been friends with my oldest friend since 1st grade--29 years of friendship wow
  37. My husband is my best friend
  38. I never wanted to get married
  39. I never wanted to have kids
  40. I met my husband and everything changed
  41. I gained nearly 80lbs in the years after I met my husband
  42. We got engaged on Feb 13th
  43. It was completely "unromantic" but absolutely perfect
  44. I knew he bought the ring
  45. I'm a snooper
  46. I am a bit if a flake
  47. I have 2 brothers
  48. I am the oldest
  49. My brothers are two of my best friends
  50. We are a close family
  51. My parents divorced after 30 years of marriage
  52. My mom was only 17 when she had me
  53. I was at my parents wedding--I was still a fetus
  54. I am a wine snob
  55. I have experienced alcohol poisoning
  56. I have a huge crush on Johnny Depp and have since 21 Jump Street
  57. I have met the Dahli Lama
  58. I was a waitress for 7 years
  59. I can carry 14 salad plates at one time and not drop them
  60. I can remember a drink order for a table of 12 and not write it down
  61. I can remember a dinner order for a table of 6-8 depending.
  62. I hate people who want special orders at restaurants
  63. I firmly believe if you want or need something cooked a certain way you should stay home
  64. I don't drink White Zinfandel
  65. I enjoy roller coasters
  66. I hate house work
  67. I am currently reading 3 books
  68. I can't remember the last book I finished--I just finished it less than 2 weeks ago
  69. I have read well over 4000 books
  70. I love books
  71. I want to own a small bookstore/cafe in a small tourist town
  72. I yawn when I am nervous
  73. I like having a clean house
  74. I have been to Europe twice
  75. I have never been to Canada
  76. I am bad at making decisions
  77. I work out nearly everyday
  78. I enjoy going to the gym
  79. I use to play golf
  80. I stopped playing because I suck at it.
  81. I want to collect art
  82. I don't have enough money to collect art
  83. I don't go to weddings if I don't think it will last
  84. I have been right a number of times
  85. I am not as confident as I pretend to be
  86. I am an excellent cook
  87. I drink more coffee than I should
  88. I am not a good liar
  89. I listen to country music
  90. I lived in Southern California for 9 years and couldn't wait to move back to the midwest.
  91. I torn my ACL playing soccer under the influence and played 3 more games after I tore it
  92. The surgery lasted nearly 12 hours when it should have only take 4-6
  93. I had extensive cartilidge damage
  94. I have not cartilidge left in that knee
  95. I have a hole in the middle of that kneecap
  96. I have arthritis in that knee
  97. I have 2 tattoos
  98. I like working on my house
  99. I like writing
  100. I want to be a novelist.

Okay, that wasn't so painful. I don't know if these 100 things are really worthy of being 100 things, but there you have it. There is a lot more I could have written, but somethings are better kept private. This is something that I have learned over the years. I use to tell everything. I'm learning.


Meepers said...

Hi! I liked your 100 things list - Just wanted to say a big congratulations on the following:

-Your new son (you must be crawling out of your skin with excitement!)
-Your weight loss thus far
-A great (clean-looking) blog.

See you around! Cheers!


sarah said...

Wow! I can't believe you're already at 100! You're so far ahead of me, I think we started pretty close to the same time. Congratulations! (I also can't believe you found time to write your 100 lists with all the upcoming excitement!)

Dawn said...

It didn't take long, I just sat down and typed the first 100 things that came to my mind.

I apparently have a lot to say, and remember I don't have a kid yet, so I have lots of free time for posting.

Mocha said...

I'm so jealous! You know the number of posts??? I'm sure that information is in my site admin side, but I'm too lazy to find it.

Next time I do a 100 or 101 list, I should start with:
1. I'm very lazy.

Great list. Loved getting to know you more.

sarah said...

Hey, it's me again. I finally had time to read your whole list. I am totally jealous you met the Dahli Lama. I recently wrote a list of people I would like to meet and he was on it. Also, I hate cleaning too, with a passion. AND am quickly losing faith in the education system (working with the same kids as you, just younger)