Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Still Waiting...Still Moving Forward

I can finally see the end of the nursery in my sights. I am nearly done. Another coat of paint on two walls, paint the inside of the closets and then we are in business. I then have to lay the floor--but I have the floor. And it shouldn't take long. We are doing laminte wood flooring. It should be pretty easy. Then a little trim--a little electrical and we are in business. Yay. I have worked really hard and I can't believe that it is almost done. As soon as I find my digital camera I will take some picks and post the before and after. You'll be amazed.

We are still waiting for an update. But I heard from another person that our agency reps in Ethiopia haven't had any internet access for about a week now--maybe longer. So nothing really happens without that. So I can be patient. Okay--I can try. My dad and his girlfriend brought our shower gift over yesterday--they got us our stroller. They didn't want to lug it to the shower and then us have to lug it home with all of our other spoils. Hopefully there will be other spoils. I have this horrible complex where I never think anyone is going to come to my events, even though they always do. I should have that checked out maybe. Yeah, I'll get right on that.

I love the stroller. Now, of course I have only used it in the living room without anyone in it. I couldn't get either dog or any of the cats to be harness in and get pushed around. But it is so easy to open and close--can do it all with one hand. It is pretty light for a big stoller I would guess--it weighs less than my grandma's wheelchair. This is so exciting. I finally went through all of the clothes I have for the baby so far. I was shocked to see that I really had less than I thought. And so much of it he might not be able to wear for a long time. Most of what I bought was 9-12 mos stuff. Some 6mos and few 3mos things--when I was deciding what outfit to send in his welcome bag. I took all the tags off and am going to wash everything. Then put it all up in his room.

I am excited beyond words as well as nervous beyond words too. I am less nervous about making court closure since the director says she expects us to make it and that it looks good. Why does this ambigious statement comfort me? you ask. Well because she is extremely conservative in her information. She does not regularly volunteer waiting times etc. And for her to let me know without me asking her means a lot and gives me quite a bit of confidence. Those of you working with our agency I think can attest to her pessimistic info.

Hubby turns 40 tomorrow and he is handling it well. I keep telling him that 40 is the new 30--he laughs and tells me that is easy for me to say as 40 is still 5 years off. He is excited about the baby and has been reading up on Piaget's stages for development. I humor him and listen but as a teacher, I have taken more classes in child development than I need. Really enough to make me dangerous. Hubby is so cute. He likes to know as much as he can. He is very cerebral--it really is cuter than it sounds.

Summer school is almost over and I cannot wait. 7 more days after today and then I am offically a housewife and soon to be mom. It is hard for me to believe that there was a time when I couldn't imagine not working--now I can't imagine anything else. Well this post certainly has grown longer than I had imagined it. If you are still reading--rock on. I hope to hear soon about a new group being formed. I am thinking it should be sometime next week. I should be in it. I hope I am as well as those of you who have been waiting with me. Come on S.....Can I buy one?


Anne said...

It sounds like a sure bet -- terrific news! And way to go on the nursery -- can't wait to see the photos!

Dawn said...

Yay on the end of school and yay on making it through the courts before they close!