Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Sunday Ride

It is a happy Sunday. I got a message today from my agency director telling me that they are expecting to get our case to court before the closure. It is not a guarentee but it looks good. I can't explain how that makes me feel. I know there are many things that have to happen in this whole process for everything to go right.

This process is much like the Tour de France--yes I am one of those who like to watch cycling and follow it as much as I can. The riders in the tour will cover 2100 plus miles over 21 days with only 2 rest days. They ride up mountains with inclines as much as 10% in temps well above 90 degress and in rain and other elements. They ride is a group of 189 riders(only 176 this year because of the drug scandaled the rocked the tour just a few days ago)--some breakaway each day and try to make it but the peleton is always close behind and generally foils thier attempts. I feel that adoption is very similar to this. There are easy days--flat stages- and days that I don't know how I can go on not having my baby with me--the mountain stages. These hard days are the ones that show what we are made of and what we can find deep down when we don't think we can pedal one more time.

Sorry for the extended metaphor but I am an English teacher and am currently watching stage 1 of the Tour de France. I love cycling. I wish I had more time to do it and was faster. I am going to try to quickly train for another century I did one two summers ago-when I was considerably heavier than I am now. The ride I want to do is in the beginning of September. I am hoping that by training for this ride, I am tempting fate and it will ensure we make the court closure. Sneaking on my part uh??? Well as I continue my quest for the Yellow Jersey(the leaders jersey) I will keep pedalling and hope I can make it to the finish line and don't get disqualified because it took me too long. Heres Hoping.


Anne said...

That's great news -- I'm so glad to hear Noah will be in your arms soon!

MP2 said...

What great news about Noah!

Sarah said...

How exciting!! You better get that nursery finished! :)