Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Reality Shock

Today I heard the sad news that a seemingly healthy baby boy passed away in his sleep--only one week before his new parents were to bring him home. This is sad news that no family deserves to hear. The loss of a child must be overwhelming, but the loss of a child that you have loved and watched grow from afar but have never held--that just seems ruthlessly cruel. This reminds me that nothing in life is guarenteed. Not today, not tomorrow, and certainly not the future. I am sad beyond belief for this family. I am sad that our children live in a place where their next breath is not guaranteed and many of them are "lucky" to have lived as long as they have in the conditions they may have had to endure before being brought into care. I believe that everything happens the way it should, but I don't know how a baby dying that is ready to be taken into a loving family can be rationalized. It just is so unfair. At times like this I doubt the universe's plan. How could one not?

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sarah said...

That is so terrible!!! I cannot even imagine the grief this family is feeling today. I agree, there just does not seem to be an explanation. I am so, so sorry for them.