Thursday, June 15, 2006

We're going on VACATION!!

This whole "life" issue has really gotten in the way of our marriage the last couple of months. The home remodeling, hubby's job stress, the adoption waiting, etc. So we decided that we needed a weekend getaway to reconnect and enjoy just each other. No, "are you going to finish this project or that project" or "Do you expect me to do house work while you are playing 27 holes of golf?" "Oh you want me to ...." you know how it goes. We know that our entire world is getting ready to be flipped on its head and we need one last foray into the big bad world as a couple. This will be our last vacation as just a couple--we soon will be a family of 3.

We tossed around a few different places to go. Because I am not really working anymore we really need to do this trip on a budget--so it really limited our choices. We at first considered New York--I have traveled the world and have never been to New York. And we could have done it money wise if the damn airfare wasn't so outrageous. Ny other time of the year airfare to NYC is pretty reasonable from where we live, but no--not this time. We then considered vegas--we just love vegas. Again airfare prices sucked. So we are going to the one place we both really have wanted to go--Cedar Point. Yes, our last vacation as a couple is going to be the the Roller Coaster capital of the US. We love roller coasters and amusement parks. They also have a really great water park as well. Can you believe that my hubby was 37 before he ever rode a waterslide? He is such a big kid. I am so excited. At first, when NYC didn't look like it was going to work out I was really bummed, but I have to tell you, I am more excited to be going to the amusement park.

I am a foodie. I love food. I love good, gourmet, infused food. I couldn't bare the idea of going to NYC on a budget. I want to eat and eat good. I don't want to be consumed by my penny pinching ways and arguing about what is reasonable and what isn't. Bring on the crappy food at the amusement park. I feel like a kid again, working myself up for the first time we went to florida to go to Busch Gardens and Adventure Island--the coolest water park I have ever been into. Oh I can't wait.

That said, I have so much work to do on the house. We aren't going on our trip until the end of July. Hubby works in computers--he's a senior system engineer and is in charge of the desktop configuration of all the computers at the brokerage firm he works for. And they are rolling out a new config to all the computers at the home office in July. Plus his boss will be on his honeymoon for 3 weeks of July. So we are going the first weekend he can get away from the office.

I will get to ride 16--count them 16 roller coasters. I am in heaven. Anyone of you out there reading been to Cedar Point? Tell me all about it. Give me some insider tips on what is good, etc. Vacation, vacation, I am going on vacation. Oh have I mentioned that it has been nearly 2 years since hubby and I went somewhere by ourselves? I know sad.


Anne said...

I hope you have a fantastic time! Me, I'm not much of a rollercoaster rider...kind of like horror movies, I don't understand paying perfectly good money to be scared out of my wits. But all my girls ADORE crazy rides -- to each her own!

5KidMom said...

Yeah!! Good for you!

I'm a coaster nut too. I've never been to Cedar Point though. I look forward to hearing all about it!