Friday, May 05, 2006


How sweet it is. Today is Friday. Merelene doesn't work on Fridays. I am free to ignore my email and don't have to worry that I will miss the news. Of course I still will check my email 1000 times because I am addicted. I was tempted to leave my computer at home today and force myself to focus on grading my student essays. Yeah right. My computer has become part of my identity--how sad--and I am not sure that I could function without it sitting on my desk. It is my security blanket. Besides I may want to add more things to my slowly growing baby registry--that is almost a good as shopping for baby things--well better actually because it is things that other people will buy. What a nice idea.

BABY SHOWER!! I will get one. I don't know what to think about that. I have been to so many. At least at this one I will spared the embarrassment of the "guess the belly size" game usually played with toilet paper or string. Who thought up that game and why did they think it was okay. It seems quite archaic and slightly mean. Oh well, what do I care, I am having a baby. I keep saying it with the hopes that it will really sink in.

Crap--I am having a baby. What do I really need? What is really a waste of money? What is the one thing I must have that I will most certainly forget? Hubby wants 4 diaper bags. He is a planner. He wants 4 that are always packed and ready to go and then he can work his way through the bags and refill them after they have been used. He thinks this is normal and not at all a little over the top. Oh I love him. He is going to be a great dad. He as been waiting a long time and as 40 looms on the horizon for him--2 months away--he is starting to nest too. What a great gift this will be for both of us...


MP2 said...

A sling, a jogging stroller, and a big, comfy rocking chair. And some good books to read while you rock and rock the baby. Those have been my essentials. Have a great weekend -Steph

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
We were in the process of moving and didn't stock up on "stuff" with our first and were so surprised how little of the "baby essentials" we really "needed". A sling (I love the Ergobaby carrier in fact it is in this months Adoptive Families magazine), a breast pump (if you are planning to try to lactate), bottles, wash cloths, cloth diapers (even if you are planning to use disposables cloth diapers have "101 uses"), a Boppy pillow, a bouncy seat (if you are referred a young infant they can go in the bouncy so you can take a shower :-)), and lots of WIPES :-)! And Steph is right books are great too. Also a few toys like a soft ball, things to grip and to track.
I hope you get the call soon :-).

MP2 said...

Dawn, I thought of something else you need - a crockpot and a book of easy crockpot recipes if you don't already use one! Happy shopping (I'm jealous, as I live 2 hours away from a decent place to shop. Oh yeah, I have no $ to spend anyway...) -Steph