Saturday, May 06, 2006


Okay, well maybe I am being overly dramatic...But it is the most amazing place ever. I am slightly emabarrassed to admit that I had never been inside of one until today. Sad I know, especially at age 34. But there it is. I thought I would bite the bullet and go and look around. Huge mistake. I spent nearly 2 hours looking at everything that the store had to offer. Oh wow! I am seriously introuble when we do get our referral. There will be not stopping me. It is hard to stop me now. I have tried to contain myself, but it is so hard. This is my first baby--as though I haven't really said that enough.

Being in that store with all of the pretty things, made me realize that I really haven't a clue about being a mother. I have spent a lot of time around babies, done lots of baby sitting, but I have absolutely no qualifications to be a mother--okay I am a woman I will give you that. I was looking at pack n' plays and travel cribs. They say max weight is 30lbs. Well, when does a baby weigh that much? I am so naive and completely unprepared. I know that there are so many questions that it would take me all of the www free bandwidth to ask them all.


Anonymous said...

Well, My daughter is almost 4 and only 32lbs. She is admittedly a peanut (but 100% healthy and perfect as she is say her doctors :-)) most of the Ethiopian kids are smaller too and grow a lot their first few years home. I would say a pack N' play would work until around age 2 and/or when they would be able to topple it an climb out on their first could do that way before age 2. Hmmm, maybe that is why she is so thin...she NEVER stops LOL :-).
I used to feel so nervous I think all new moms (who care anyway :-)) do. It does get easier but then every child is so different that even "seasoned" parents don't treat each child the same and learn new stuff every time. You'll do fine :-).

Anne said...

My kids have all been so different, it's been a learning experience with every one. I don't expect #4 to be any different. You'll do great -- trust your instincts!

5KidMom said...

My kids have all been different. My oldest daughter was pretty average in size, all of my boys are BIG and my new Ethiopian daughter is a peanut. She was about 13 1/2 ponds when we picked her up at 7 months, and weighs 15 pounds at 8 months. I think the 30 pound mark is a long way off. Most of the babies at Layla were fairly similiar in size (by age of course). There were a couple boys that were the exception. One was downright chunky. I would go for it on the pack and play, but I would probably skip the ones that have the bassinet and changing table. Those are usually only good for up to 15 pounds, and that will be right around the corner when your little one comes home.

Keep the questions coming!! ;^)