Thursday, May 04, 2006

A familiar feeling...

I know that today will also not be the day. But I have this feeling...the best thing to liken it to is when you first meet the special someone and you are preparing for your first date. I have butterflies in my stomach and I can't concentrate on anything else, but what that date will be like. This is how I felt when I met my husband--I felt this way instaneously and now I can't kick the feeling. I know that soon, I will meet the next love of my life. I want it to be soon, so that I can concentrate on that at least.

This weekend I will stay busy as I grade 55 senior research papers by Monday--so they can know if they will be graduating. I also want to paint my kitchen so that we can hang the cabinets next weekend. My husband is leaving on a golf weekend so I will have the whole house to myself. It is nice to have alone time every now and again. I also plan a black ops trip to Babies R Us. I will try to contain myself, but the new love of my life needs lots of things.

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5KidMom said...

Good for you!! Enjoy your weekend.