Wednesday, May 03, 2006

14 week melt down

Tomorrow marks 14 weeks since our dossier was sent to Ethiopia. When we started this whole process I was certain that we would be making our travel plans already. I accept and know that this adoption process is totally unpredictable and that my expectations were really unreasonable, but they were what I was holding on to. Of course, the whole process is working out exactly the way it should. Our kitchen is curretly non-existent (we have ripped it out), our den is now a big pantry and its floor is ripped out waiting to be replaced. The nursery is drywalled but needs paint, flooring, furniture. We are in no way home ready so I should feel blessed that we have been waiting, because there would be no way we could everything done that we want to get done if we were preparing to travel.

Well, I was at Target yesterday buying some new work out clothes and I had a baby meltdown. About 2 months ago I was at Target and I noticed this cute little outfit. Sweather vest, button down shirt and pants. I wanted it so badly for my little boy--we did not specify gender, but I am pretty confident that we will be getting a boy. But I didn't buy it because I knew it would be a while before we received our referral and I didn't know what size to buy, etc. Well yesterday, I was at Target, and as I know our referral is on the horizon, I caved and bought the outfit. I bought a 9mth size, hoping that the baby will be able to wear it this winter. It is just the cutest thing ever. I also succummed to my motherly genes and bought some bibs, I know I will need those.

I am hoping that the referral comes soon, as I am dying to buy more things and to get really prepared for the arrival of our budle of joy. We have our names picked out and are just waiting to meet our baby... Soon


5KidMom said...

Our referral came one day shy of 16 weeks after our dossier went to Ethiopia, so you should be OH SO CLOSE!

I struggled so much with wanting to nest, and being practical. If I had it to do again, I would have given into the nesting a little bit more. What can it hurt to buy bibs, formula, diapers (size 2 and up), a baby bathtub, an outfit or two, a monitor, bottles, etc. Some things aren't gender specific, but they sure make it feel more like there really is a baby coming home. If you limit yourself to a couple things each time the urge takes over, there should be plenty of things to tide you over until the real shopping spree can begin.


Dawn said...

We are at the 14 week mark for dossier submittal this week. Our agency does not consider you to be a waiting family until you have CIS approval which we have had only 6 weeks.

I really understand how you feel. At least you know you are getting an infant. We requested a child of either gender between 6 mos. and 36 mos. so we cannot shop.