Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Update on Jena 6

The young man who had been tried as an adult and convicted had his conviction thrown out by an appeals court judge. This is good. But the other 5 boys are yet to be tried and the first boy could be tried as a juvenile. This is not yet over.

We must speak out about racial injustice. We must as a society take care of each other--not just those folks who look like us and whose experience we understand. We can change our world, but only if we are big enough to put our differences aside and to embrace each other.

It is not enough to say we aren't "racist" but if we allow these type of racial acts and differences to permeate our society than it doesn't matter that a handful of us aren't "racist." Make a difference. It takes all of us. We need to do it for our children. We have come a long way but not nearly long enough. Those in the 60's did a great bulk of the work for us, but it is not yet done. The last bit is always the hardest.

You can make a difference. What will it be?

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