Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Almost Half Way Done

Today marks the 3 month mark since our dossier arrived in Ethiopia. We are waiting for a baby girl. I have to say that this wait has been so much easier for me. I think because I know we are getting one baby girl. While we were waiting for Minnow's referral we did not know if we would be getting one child, twins, or siblings uner 2. There was so much unknown that first time that it was very stressful and scary. I was just as busy in my life then as I am now--well I do have Minnow to keep my days filled. But there isn't any anxiety. Maybe that is because I fully understand that our wait will be at least 6 months and maybe 7 or 8. I understand this. The first time around we didn't know how long it would take. Some families waited 2 months other 4. There was no set standard time yet. Also there was the HIV testing shortage. I remember how stressed and worried I was. I was a basket case and I have to thank my agency Adoption Advocates International for not firing us as clients as I am sure I was a complete and udder pain in their ass. They were nothing but great and awesome with me. They truly understood what it was like waiting.

I have to admit I like knowing that we are getting a girl. I like knowing that it will take until January at the earliest before we know who she is. I don't know what it is like to be pregnant but I can only imagine that the second time is a little easier--less stressful than the first time--as long as everything looks good and mom is healthy. I am at peace with this wait, but I look forward to "meeting" her soon.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you gave a little adoption update, because I was just wondering last night where you were in the process! We got Amelie's referral in January :) It's a good month. I'm happy to hear it's easier the second time around.