Tuesday, July 10, 2007


already. I can't believe it. Times moves so fast as you get older and busier. My birthday is fast approaching and I can hardly believe that I am going to be 36. I certainly don't feel 36. It really is just a number though. From what I hear 36 is the new 25 so I guess I am okay with being 36.

Minnow is growing and growing and growing. He had his 15month check up last week. He grew 2 inches since his 12month check up--he only gained 1lbs. But he is doing just fine. He has all 8 teeth now in front. I am excited for his molars to come in as he really wants to eat heartier food.

School starts on Aug 20th. I really like being off in the summer. This was actually my first summer where I didn't work in a long time. I think when I go back to teaching, I will not teach summer school. Ever!!! I only have 3 more classes to take to finish up my MA in English. I am taking 2 in the fall--starting Aug 20 and will take one in the spring. Then I will be done with that leg of the educational race. But to add to it all...I have applied to the Doctoral program. I am hoping to finish my EdD--Doctor of Education. I figure I might set a world record for time in school. Really it is just a ploy to avoid paying my student loans back. I know I will have to eventually and yes I know that they keep accumulating interest, but when your student loans are almost as much as your mortgage it is hard not to avoid them.

Hubby has decided that he wants to go back to school too. He is planning on getting his M.ed in Education Technology. Hubby is a computer guy--a software and integration engineer--he also creates programs for his work to use to streamline their processes. Anyway, he is hoping to get into designing programs for educational organizations, etc. So we won't at all be busy over the next few years. One toddler, adding a baby early next year (on waiting list for her), trying IVF again to see about producing one or two bio children. Plus going to school. I think I have just uncovered a new recipe for insanity.

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Becky said...

Sounds busy! My hubby is going back to school soon too. Fall of 08 he'll start on his Nurse Practitioner degree. I'm so NOT looking forward to the craziness of school, work and kiddos! Although we are looking forward to those student loans being in deferment for a bit:) I think you guys should move here! Your hubby could go to school in the "capitol of tech" and work for Microsoft. Then the boys could play all the time (and the girls too when they come home).