Friday, July 13, 2007

Doesn't the Declaration of Independence say "A government for the people, by the people"?

I think someone needs to send a copy to Washington written on such a level that those idiots remember how they got their "cushy" jobs. I have never been a big fan of politics as in my life politics has always been about money. I don't have any; therefore, I am not "loud". I learned in my poli sci class that there is one thing that will get you access to your representative--I use that word loosely--MONEY.

I was watching the world news the other evening and I heard something that really ticked me off. There was a debate on the Senate floor about setting a withdrawal date for our troops. One Republican Senator was citing a poll that showed that something like 60+% of Americans favored a withdrawal of our troops. Then McCain said that they do not pay attention to polls. They do what they think is right.

Wait a frickin' minute. I only minored in history but I am pretty sure that we still have a representative democracy right? We elect officials who represent us--their constituents. They are supposed to look out for our best interest right? We don't elect them so that they can fulfill their own agendas do we? I understand that good old GW thinks that he doesn't have to listen to anyone--Congress did give him that power--but haven't we all made it perfectly clear what the majority of us as Americans want? We did shift power in Congress hoping to see things change.

Our government needs to change. We need to change the people we put into power. We need to remind our representatives who they represent. For example, here in Missouri for two consecutive years their was an issue that came before voters in regards to allowing for a Conceal and Carry law--those NRA types want to be able to carry concealed weapons and feel it is their constitutional right. The issue was rejected by voters both times and with about 60% of voter voting no. Missouri is a red state except for our major metropolitan areas which are very blue. Well, our state congress felt that the people really wanted this issue to pass to they passed it in Congress even though we had voted against it twice.

Oh wise interneter how can we change that madness that has become our government?

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Anne said...

Hear, hear. Don't get me started! (I definitely feel your pain.)