Friday, June 08, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, I am glad to be home. Of course I was sorry to leave the land of maid service and eating out, but there is something awesome about coming home. It was our first real vacation as a family. We have taken other trips but those were not vacation oriented. We visited family and I did a bike ride, but this was a nice change of pace. My hubby who is a computer guy went to Microsoft's big TechEd conference. So unfortunately for him, he had to work much of each day--but he managed to get in some vacation time.

My aunt works for Anheuser-Busch and was able to get us 4tickets to Seaworld. Since we didn't need a ticket for Minnow he and I went 3 days and my hubby tagged along with us on one of those days. It was great. I owe my aunt a debt of gratitude as it took us 3 days to see everything and even with Minnow being free--it would have been $64 a day for me. That is outrageous. I wonder how families manage to do it.

We stayed at a disney world hotel--it was a great hotel, as it was really beautiful and I loved the layout. We stayed at the Port Orleans--Riverside resort and all the the accomodations near us were designed to look like big plantation houses. Here is a picture of ours from accross the river.

You could take a riverboat cruise from our hotel to Downtown Disney--which we did and it was really nice. Minnow was so impressed with the boat ride but he did have a blast at downtown disney. They have a huge lego shop there and here is a picture of a sea monster contructed all out of legos--yes the entire thing.

I am amazed at how much there really is to do in Orlando and am excited to go back in two years when the microsoft conference is in Orlando again. We didn't bother with Disney at all as Minnow is too young and too small for just about everything and he wouldn't have had much fun. But I have to say seaworld is awesome.

He loved the Sesame Street Show--as he loves Elmo. It was a great show and if you are planning a trip to seaworld anytime soon and you have small children do not miss Elmo's show.

But I am happy to be home and back in the "real" world where there are real problems, like Paris having to go to jail and Lindsay going back into rehab. Really...I am so glad that everything else is so great in the world that this is the only news worth reporting.

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MP2 said...

Welcome home! What great pictures, too. Am I understanding right: SeaWorld is $64 per person per day????