Monday, June 11, 2007

8 Random Things

I thought I'd play along with my good friends Becky & MP and carry on the 8 random things she was tagged to do...

  1. I often forget how old I am and will sometimes rattle off an age I haven't been in years. Not because I am freaked out about being 35 almost 36 but because I really don't think about my age.

  2. I love wine. But it has to be good wine. I cannot drink cheap wine. Yes I am a wine snob. No cheap twist off tops. I hate fake corks and please don't ask me if I want a glass that comes out of box or a tap. Please nothing, pink, fruity, or sweet.

  3. I am a writer. I dream of publishing a novel--not a great work of literary fiction but a novel. The one I am working on now is the story of 3 women lost in the world who find strength and solace in each other that helps them find their way down the path they were meant to walk.

  4. I am scared to death of mice. I don't mind bugs but I can't stand mice. They were a problem when we lived in California near a drainage ditch. The cats would bring them dead as gifts and if I was the only one home, I would cover them up with a towel while I got ready and would uncover them when I left so that my hubby (beau at the time) would have to clean it up. I know gross, rotten and disgusting--but I can't do mice.

  5. I love horror movies. I love scary movies. Hubby can't stand them so I have to watch them when he isn't home. Bring on the gore and the pyschological terror.
  6. I am addicted to diet soda. I am a diet coke or diet dr. pepper girl. Please don't try to give me a diet pepsi.
  7. I love taking pictures--as if you all couldn't tell, but I hate to be the one getting their picture taken. I would be happy if my picture was only taken for important, memorable moments. So please, no snapshots....
  8. I don't like to shop. Well, at least not for myself. I love to shop for Minnow and Hubby, but I don't enjoy shopping for myself and I often experience buyer's remorse especially when I buy for myself.


Becky said...

The towel on the mouse is a hoot. I've done my share of pretending not to see the mouse or bird and then finally having to tell my hubby to pick it up off the porch!

Anonymous said...

Oh good, the game didn't end with me.

So when you head north for a visit, you'll have to bring some wine along as we have a dreadful selection up here!