Sunday, May 13, 2007

What does it mean to be MOTHER?

If only I had the answers to this question on the day that is set aside to honor us. I waited years to be a mother and this day is the culmination of that journey. Last year at this time, I had a picture of Minnow but was not yet his mother...the distance to far, the legailites not yet in place. Waking up today and knowing he looks at me and sees his mom is all that I have ever needed. When he gets hurt he comes to me. I console and comfort him. Being a mom is not an easy job as it is a lot of work--more work than I ever imagined it would be. But being a mom is the most rewarding job there is. When I look into my son's eyes I see so much. I look into his eyes and see the woman who birthed him and gave him as a gift to us. I look into his eyes and see the woman who raised him for 3 weeks to make sure that he was healthy. I look into his eyes and see the amazing women of Wanna who loved him and gave him a sense of belonging. I look into his eyes and I see me. I see the lessons I am teaching him and a reflection of the love I give him. He is in everysense of the word--my child. He is a part of me and I am forever a part of him.

I know this is true as I see my mom in me and a little of me in my mom and I can see it for generations, as we all had brunch together today. Motherhood is special and I will always be special to my children in a way that there father will never understand and in a way that sadly their birthmothers will never know. I am overcome with joy on this day that celebrates us mothers. To all of you fellow mothers---I celebrate you and your commitment to your children and your commitment to hope. As our children are the embodiment of hope as we once were.

Happy Mother's Day.

With My son
With my mom and son
Wonderful gift from my husband and son. It will be an 11x14 pencil drawing of a photo my hubby picked. It looks awesome and I can't wait to get it.


Anonymous said...

You were meant for motherhood! Those eyes of Minnow's are amazing. mp

Karianne said...

Dawn, What a thoughtful post. And to think, next year it will hopefully be x 2. It gets better and better.