Thursday, May 17, 2007

Head On

Now that I am tackling my weight/food issues head on, it is time that I deal with my spending habits head on too. I have been working for a long time to figure out why I over eat and why I over spend. It is self-destructive behavior that only has a down side--there is no upside. Which is why these types of problems are so dangerous. You eat a piece of cake and feel better while you are eating, but the feeling fades leading you to eat more and more so that the good feeling stays. I am this way with shopping too. Not to the extreme that I could be but I am enough that it can put a strain on us and on me. There is something that makes me feel good when I spend money. Maybe it is the fact that I am hiding from the reality that we are now a single income family and there are limits. I don't do well with limits. I don't like to admit that I cannot do something. I am not sure where this feeling comes from. But now is the time to figure it out. As a parent, life only gets tougher and I want to be able to set a good example for my children.

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Anonymous said...

Came across the link in the Eth/adp yahoo grp. Your post sums up what I have been feeling and am going through. Just want to let you know you are not alone on that. And the what a cutie!!!