Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where is the "Man's Purpose" and Why did women "forget" their importance?

This is a question that has plagued men for centuries and forced women to work harder for their due place in the "fake" world created by men. Since the beginning of time, women have been the most important gender in our society. This is something easily overlooked and well hidden. Hubby is reading a great book The Lucifer Principle, by Harold Bloom. This book examines society and its evil nature based on the idea of the "pecking" order within each culture/species. It examines the true "disposable" nature of the male species. More men are killed by violence and by accidents that are seemingly brought on by their {male} aggressive nature. Bloom examines the reason for natures treatment of men as disposable...

"If you did away with the vast majority of men on the planet but preserved the women, you would scarcely even dent our species' reproductive capabilities. One man kept around as a stud could easily provide a hundred women with the wherewithal to become pregnant whenever they pleased. Every nine months a one-man, one-hundred-women collective could produce a hundred babies.

The lives of women, on the other hand, cannot be so casually disposed of. Pare humanity down to one woman for every hundred men, and you'll have one hundred very horny and bellicose guys slicing each other to ribbons or slashing themselves in despair. What's worse, you'll cut the number of possible babies down from one hundred every nine months to one, dooming the human race to extinction. The result? We send our men to war but keep the women safe at home. When ships are sinking, it's women and children to the lifeboats first. Let the men founder in the sea. You need each precious woman as a vessel for procreation (p149)."

If you were to look at our society today you would not think that women are truly society's most valuable resource? Why not you ask, well I have a theory. Men need to create their own need for importance. If all men are really good for in nature is to protect the women and offspring and to create more off spring, if there are an excess of men then the value of all men goes down.

So, men have created a world--politics, business, and religion--where they reign supreme and women are made to feel less valuable. This model goes against the design of nature and I think you can see the unravelling of society in this "fake" world created by men to maintain their overall importance. Women have been brainwashed to think that the world created by men is really the important one. Women have bought into the idea that the world of men is the valuable one, when in reality it is an illusion. Without women there would be nothing. Okay, I know the world is full of people, and our reality has changed. But it is important to remember that the thing that is important is not the boardroom and the corner office, but the tribe and its survival.

Maybe this is a naive view, as our reality has become the world manufactured by men to maintain their own importance in the world. I know that it is improbable to think that we can change the world we live in. The world that has been created to steal away from women their importance and to bestow on men an authority that gives them the power that they long to have. How can we reconcile the natural world with the manufactured one? How can we all find happiness when our natural insticts to take care of our tribe are pushed down?

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chou-chou said...

wow - this is powerful stuff, Dawn. so much truth in it. of course, it's usually pretty much verboten to talk about that. :-)

thanks for bringing it up -- much to think about.