Friday, January 05, 2007

Failure is not an option...

on so many levels this is true. I am a month away from my century in Palm Springs. I am so very much looking forward to going to Palm Springs and to doing the ride with my best friend and I have to admit I like to challenge myself. They published the route map and the profile of the ride and I am no freaking out a little. I am not in the best shape of my life. I am not sure if I am in better shape now than for my last century. But back to the idea of a challenge. Yesterday I posted about the demise of our basic genetic roles. I am very interested in societal roles and changes and how those changes influence the direction our world takes. As our world becomes more automated and more advanced, our genes become lost and we must define for ourselves new roles that will feed the genes' desires/needs to satisfy their primal needs.

There are so few things in our world that are challenging. No longer is it a challenge to get food--you go to the market and everything that you could possibly want is there. I am not forgetting the challenge that some face to make enough money to pay for food, etc. But these challenges are created by this "fake" society that we live in. We have more food and resources than we need--we have become hoarders and we keep our excess away from those who cannot pay what we think is a fair market value for our goods--even if that means we have to throw them away because we have so much. This is fodder for another post...Challenges are what give us control and purpose in our life. Without them we are seemingly powerless. This powerlessness causes stress.

I find it necessary to continually challenge myself to create my own source of power. It is all we can do if we are not in positions of real power. Turning away from power and challenge in favor of leisure activities actually causes more stress because we have sacrificed our own power over our lives. We pretend that we have control and that we are happy, but as a species we are happiest when we are challenging ourselves to reach and achieve some goal we have set for ourselves. So, set a goal. No matter how absurd it seems. Challenge yourself. I am looking forward to my upcoming challenge and the others I am setting. I need to take back the power.

I have PCOS and I can give in to it or I can challenge it. My hubby and I want to have biological children. But that is not the reason to conquer my PCOS. I want to control it to have the power and to make sure that I don't have health problems later. I have know about the PCOS for years and I have let in control me. I have let it have power over me. I have to admit that it is a problem and that I have to take back the power. I will. What is your challenge?

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