Monday, January 15, 2007

146 Days

Anne got me thinking about Minnow's time in Ethiopia and his time with us. Minnow spent 145 days in Ethiopia before being united with us. Twenty of those days were spent with an angel who took care of him and the other 125 was spent being cared for at Wanna. Today is the day that he has been part of our family longer than he was in Ethiopia. This is a milestone of sorts. More for us as his parents than for him. He will unfortunately never remember his time at Wanna nor the first 20 days that a stranger cared for him. He will not remember the love that he received and the pure adoration of many of the nannies who work so hard to help the children we will adopt be loving and happy children. So much has changed over the last 146 days. Our little Minnow has blossomed into a little boy with a personality the makes everyone around him smile. I owe much of that to the women of Wanna who laugh, love, kiss, caress and care for our children while we wait. If you child is at Wanna waiting, know that the place is filled with love and that love can make up for all the material things Wanna lacks. I will forever be grateful to Wanna for they have helped raise my son and have contributed to his beautiful personality.

I wish I had more pictures of Wanna. We do have video. But I regret not taking more pictures. It is an important place in my son's history and I wish I had thought more about it when we were there.

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5KidMom said...

Thank you, Dawn! We can not say enough about our appreciation for Wanna, the Nannies, AAI, Ethiopia, etc. Grace passed this same milestone a couple months ago. It meant something immeasurable to me. To her....not so much. Call me sentimental. 8^)