Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Too Long...

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. Things have been so crazy. Minnow is now completely mobile. He is crawling and crusing and of course falling and crying. He no longer has a fondness for baby food. He will tolerate a little, but wants cherrios, cheese, bread, pizza, ice cream, etc. He is pretty good at feeding himself with a spoon, but can't seem to get his fingers to work the way he wants them too yet. It is amazing how fast he is changing and how opinionated he is becoming. I am so going to have my hands full--well I already have my hands full.

As you can see, he can pull himself up to standing at the coffee table, and then he can knock everything off and he can cruise around the house as long as he has something to lean on. He is every where.

This past Saturday he got to meet Santa and one of his reindeer. He really like the reindeer--I'm pretty certain he just thought it was a funny looking dog.

On a more positive note, the weather here has been relatively mild and I was able to ride outside this weekend--of course I still had to be decked out in full winter bike wear. Long underwear/under armor/cycling jersery/windbreaker/shorts/leg warmers/full gloves/hat/booties/wool socks/and of course helmet. It took a long time to get dressed, but 40 degree is still cold when you are biking. Also, for those of you who think that the midwest is flat should try biking here in my city where everything is up hill from my house in all directions and never really seems to be down hill. I don't know how ready I will be for the Tour de Palm Springs, but I will finish the ride. I certainly won't be breaking any records that is for sure. I will get to ride this weekend too as it will be in the high 50's.

I will try to post with a little more regularity, but this whole motherhood thing is exhausting and no longer can I plop minnow down with a toy and he is happy. I turn and he is pulling over my bike or eating the dogs paws.

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KelseyChristine said...

He is so adorable! I love that first picture--what a happy guy!