Thursday, December 07, 2006


I have been at a loss lately for post content. I have been in a life rut. Parenting is awesome and I love every moment with my son, but that has been the extent of my existence lately. He is getting mobile so he takes up a great deal more of my time. I am still struggling to find time for me and to figure out what I want to do with that time.

I have begun my training for my century ride in February. It has been too cold to ride outside so I am using my rollers... for those of you who have never used them--holy shit they are hard. Not only do you have to have impecable balance, but you have to pedal a lot harder as there is absolutely no forward momentum. I had no idea how hard it would be, but hey the rollers will definitely help me get ready for the century ride. The weather is suppose to be somewhere near 50 this weekend--so I am hoping to get in a few couple hour of rides this weekend. We bought our plane tickets and I am so excited to be going to Palm Springs in the middle of winter.

I was in my first wedding this past weekend. I know--I am 35 and this is my first wedding aside from my own. It was interesting. I must take a moment and toss out a plug for Spanx. I love Spanx. I gained about 12lbs since my dress fitting way back in June and the dress was fitted and therefore, it wasn't going to zip up--Spanx to the rescue. I love Spanx and I am thankful to them for helping me fit into my dress. I am so happy for my good friend Kimmie who is now finally married. I am sad for her that her wedding had to happen the same weekend as a huge ice and snow storm. Because of the weather she had to cancel the rehearsal so it was all very fly by the seat of your pants. Kimmie did must of the wedding stuff herself and I applaud her taking all of that on. I could never had done my own flowers, etc. But this was also a sad moment for me, as I have realized that I have changed. I no longer have a lot in common with my dear friend. We are very different and that made me question whether we ever really had a lot in common besides soccer and guys. But she is a good friend and I know I can count on her. Oh, how I digress.

Christmas is coming fast and I am very excited. I know Minnow will really have no idea what is going on, but for me it is a moment I waited what seems like a lifetime for. He is going to get his picture taken with Santa and his reindeer on Saturday. I can't wait. Oh the moments that will come.

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