Saturday, November 11, 2006

Well then...

I am a person of conviction and when I set my mind to do something, I do it and move on. I set a goal to lose weight...I lost it. I didn't set the goal to keep if off. I have gained 15 of it back--still down 35. I look short term and seem to totally forget the long term. I have to work on that or else I will forever be the hamster on the wheel that really goes no where.

Last night my best friend called and asked me to ride a century with her in February. I said absolutely. I haven't ridden a century since Sept 2004. Of course now I am lighter, but I am also out of cycling shape. It is winter where I live and butt ass cold for riding. So I have 4 months to train for a ride and I happen to live in a place where training will be difficult. I am going to have to buy rollers for my bike so that I can ride and condition inside. I am not opposed to riding in the freezing cold, but I can't take Minnow with me; therefore, my options for training are limited. So, starting Monday back to chalkboard on eating right and exercising. Until my rollers come I will be on the stationary bike at the gym--or on my spinner bike at home. I am setting another short term goal--please hold me accountable--40lbs off my bod by the ride on Feb 10. I am hoping to be riding up to 15 mph--that is still pretty slow but it will be up from my 12mph of my first century. I will post my updates and status. I will weigh in on monday and keep a running log of training, etc.

At least the ride is in Palm Springs. I haven't been there. I know absurd since I lived in southern california for 9 years.


Fizzle said...

Yay! We'll meet! I'm either going to do the PS Century or Half!!

Good goal, woman. And great place to accomplish it. Will the babe come, too?

5KidMom said...

You are SOOOOO brave to put all of this on the internet. I am working at exercise and weight loss too, but have not found the confidence to post weigh-ins thus far. Best of luck on your Century, and the work that will proceed it. If your interested, we live about an hour away from Palm Springs. I would love to meet.

Bek said...

I was thinking of Fizzle when I read that. I couldn't even begin to think about doing that.