Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Playdates and doctors

Well, I hate to jinx myself but Minow has slept for 5 hour stretches at night, the past 2 nights. I haven't of course, as I am afraid that I will sleep through his crying--not likely I know, but I still worry. He is eating cereal, fruits and veggies like crazy. He seems to like just about everything. As long as he keeps sleeping I am happy. He refused to nap much yesterday. Only one nap in the afternoon. He is a stubborn little guy--so much like his mom and dad. I tried and tried to get him to nap, which usually isn't a problem but yesterday he didn't want any of that.

He had his first playdate yesterday with Supergirl, okay so really is was more of a playdate for me. It was so nice, as their family is currently waiting for an infant referral from Ethiopia, so it was nice to share my experience and show off Baby Minnow.

He also had his dr appointment with the urologist to discuss circumcision. The urologist recommends it as he has a really narrow foreskin that will most likely cause him problems as a young boy and even into adulthood. That was good for me to hear, as I was not really keen on the idea of having him circumcised; it isn't a big deal to me. Hubby was set on having it done. Because of his age he will have to put under general anesthetic. Which, much to my dismay, means nothing to eat of drink after midnight the night before the procedure. The doc says he will schedule the little guy for first thing in the morning as to ease the discomfort of the little guy. I am not looking forward to that morning at all. Talk about frayed nerves.

I joined a meetup group for stay at home moms in my area. Yesterday was the first event I attended--it was a book club meeting. It was really nice. I am looking forward to having other moms to do things with. They have a monthly Mom's night Out as well as weekly get togethers during the day for the moms and kids. This will be great in the long run.

I feel like I skipped around a lot this post. It really is a great indication of how segmented my life has become. We have our first post-placement visit today. I will post more eloquently after that. I hope...


Bek said...

It sounds like you are settling into mothering. ALl of the things you mentioned (the groups, the playdates, getting out of the house and the SLEEPING) are a good step in the right direction of finding a balance that works for your family.

I also love the post about the struggle to continue the weight loss. That was very honest and that honesty just might be what gets you off the couch. YOu are very inspiring....

sarah said...

We had a lot of fun! It was great to get to meet you, I only regret that I didn't take any pictures, so now we DEFINITELY have to do it again :)
Oh, and Supergirl says to tell minow hi, and that she is still totally impressed he has a head!