Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Visiting Family

Happy Halloween all of you out in blogland. Trick or Treat...please just send my candy to me here--I like snickers with almonds and dots or twizzlers.

This past weekend Minnow go to meet his last set of grandparents. Hubby's dad and bonus mom live in Georgetown, Texas--just north of Austin. They are retired but hubby's dad is having some health problems and we really wanted to introduce Minnow to them. It is really important to us for our children to know thier grandparents, no matter how far away they live. We had a really great trip. Minnow loved his grandparents and had a great time. He also got to meet a Great Aunt, Great Uncle and Great grandma. It was really nice.

Of course after 2 days of being fawned over and showered with constant attention, I am feeling the pain.


5KidMom said...

"Bonus Mom"....brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Look at him "walking!" Teeny is no where near doing that. Noah looks so wonderful and happy - congratulations!