Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stupid Things

Recently there seems to have been an increase in school violence. In recent weeks there have been some horrific events--many perpetrated by adults. It is sad. I live in Missouri--where 90% of the state is most likely a member of the NRA. Okay maybe not everyone in that 90% but a true majority. Yesterday in Joplin, MO there was a middle school student who brought an AK-47 to school and threaten two students by saying "Don't make me do this." He then fired a shot into the ceiling, the gun jammed and a real violent crisis was averted. Our esteemed governor hear in Missouri actually said that the educational community Might. Consider. Giving. Teachers. Guns. Now, as a teacher I am appalled at this idea. I know of teachers who have hit students, choked students, and used other forms of physical threats with students (these are high school students). What do you think might happen if all of a sudden these violent teachers had a gun? I don't think anyone needs me to paint that picture. Also, students steal stuff all the time. I know teachers who have had purses, wallets, cellphones, etc. stolen. What happens when we put guns in the classroom? I certainly would be more scared of teachers with guns than students with guns. I don't know about you.

Seriously lets look at the real problem. The violence is not the problem. The real problem is what is causing the violence. You cannot stop the violence until you can pinpoint and treat the cause of the violence. I could write on this for days. The world has changed. More parents are absent from their kids lives. More parents are allowing peers and the media to raise their children and decide what values their child should have. The problems are so deep that you can't fix the problem if you are treating the symptoms. Violence is a symptom of a deeper disease. Cure the disease the symptoms go away. I know that I am over simplifying that, but those who run our country and our states don't understand that, so I thought I would reduce it to the lowest intellectual level for them.

Second stupid thing today--already. I was watching the Today show--I hate that show--but it was on right after our local news and I caught the story intros. So here it is (not exactly word for word) "CEO's have a lot in common, big houses, fancy cars, and many other things. But something else many of them have in common is that they were spanked as kids. So does this mean if you want to raise a CEO you should use spanking."

I mean seriously. I about choked on my coffee. I couldn't believe that this was how they chose to introduce a story that leaders tend to come from families that are highly disciplined. Come on. I am so tired of the sensationalist media. People are running scared that their kids might be snatched off the street--even though only 115 kids are kidnapped a year (most by family). I don't know even know what to say to this CEO spanking thing. I am appalled that a national news show would show so little regard for the content of its show.

Well, I am a firm believer that we as parents have to take our children back. It is our job as parents to tell our kids the truth and show them reality. We must tell them the truth way before they will be forced to figure it out for themselves. So much more to say, but my baby boy is calling (crying).

What are some stupid things you have heard in the past few days, please share. I might start stupid idea/thing Tuesday. We all know there is more stupid stuff out there than not.


Fizzle said...

Giving teachers guns? The last thing students need is militarized educators. The violence is horrifying and its roots so disparate and all over the place that it's hard to reach a single pinpoint. There's so many pinpoints. And to your post's argument, it doesn't start with arming teachers....I appreciate your perspective, too, as someone formerly in the classroom.

I can't watch broadcast news just for that reason. But let's see, is it really breaking news that Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie went to Dan Tana's together? Because I swear I got a CNN breaking news alert in my inbox....

Anonymous said...

Glad you're a mamma (-:

Anonymous said...

Oh D, I'll have to write you an email on all of the stupid stuff that has been going on in my life these past two days. I'd say that it was something in the air, but then the air around here must have been iffy for quite a long while. I sure hope that you are planning to blog on the adoption site, your posts need to be read by all!!

All love,


kerrij said...

I can not even believe that people are suggesting giving teachers guns!! That is unbelievable! As a teacher, I could never envision having a gun in my classroom!
I totally agree with you that children need to know the truth! Good for you!!!