Thursday, August 03, 2006

So much....

Okay, so I am starting to pack for the baby for our trip. I am trying not to go too crazy at this point, as I really don't know for sure that we will be bringing him home. I know for sure that we are going but we will see what happens in court tomorrow. Please let us pass court. The thought of having to wait until the courts open again at the end of september/early october frightens me and causes my chest to tighten and breathing becomes difficult--so in the interest of living, I won't entertain that idea. Minor errors happen all the time, so hopefully the error is fixed and we are ready to go.

We are going to be in Addis for 6 days this doesn't include our travel days. I am trying to figure out exactly what to take for the baby. I figure I will take lots of onsies and little pants to go over them. I will also take him a raincoat and sweater/jackets for the cool weather we will encounter while in Addis during the rainy season. I am trying to figure out realistically what a baby will go through in a weeks time. I know this is hard to figure out as I don't know if he will have diarrhea or not, as that might really impact how much stuff he will go through. If only I had all the answers. Wouldn't that be nice. A girl can dream can't she.

I tend to over pack for myself, but I am scared to death that I will not pack enough for the little one. Yes I know that I will be able to buy most of what I need while I am in Addis, but that certainly doesn't stop me from worrying about it. If you can help me with the whole not worrying thing, hubby will be forever grateful.

Okay, I need a new look.
I want to something different with my hair to go with my new bod. I have been slowly losing weight over the last 9 mos--55lbs and over 20 inches so far. I haven't done anything new to celebrate the changes. I really want to do something with my hair. It is thick and all one length and I need something different, but I don't want to go short. Any suggestions? I really need some advice. I am a horrible "woman" in the sense that I don't wear make-up and I have never really done anything with my hair that doesn't involve ponytails or some sort of hair clip. Please all you queen's of style help a sister out. I have come to this realization after having lunch with a couple of dear friends, one of who is stuck in the late 80's in terms of make up and hair. I love her to death, but I don't know how to tell her that she really needs a new style if she ever wants to feel better about herself. Anyway, fix me up ladies.....I am open to all suggestions.


MP2 said...

Regarding overpacking for yourself - I don't think you can really go wrong here as long as you're not going totally crazy. After all, someone (YOU!) will be holding the precious baby when he has a diaper blow-out!

I just got back from having my hair hacked off! Too funny! I didn't want to have to deal with it in the rainy season of Eastern Africa. Noah will think you're the prettiest thing he's ever seen no matter what you do with your hair (-:

Fizzle said...

Ms. Fin. You may not like my suggestion.

Straight hair. Thick. You must do a BOB. WIth bangs. A-line so shorter in the back and points in the front. Girl, celebrate that weight loss and it'll bring focus to your beautiful eyes and face.

I'm way against layering, especially for thick hair.

Sideline fashionista done....

Not Kate said...

I have similar hair - thick and straightish.

I have it a bit layered around the face, with a few shorter bits that work as a long-fringe when I want them to, or can be clipped back.

The key to good hair these days is straighteners!