Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So Far

Nothing has gone as expected. Noah could not be released from the hospital when we arrived on Monday. They did bring him to Wanna from the hospital for us, as he had to be in person to apply for his passport. He was sick and I could tell. I was sad, because he was sick, but also because it meant I had to wait to have my baby. It was really hard watching the other two families get their beautiful babies while we had to wait. I don't know how I got through but I did. As I sit here and hold Noah as he sleeps, all the hassles and heartache have been worth it.

The Ethiopian passport experience is absolutely amazing and tedious and time consuming. It is so hard and frustrating not knowing the language. I did not see Noah at all on Tuesday, he was still in the hospital and we decided it would just be too hard to go and see him and then have to leave him again at the hospital. It is not a hospital I would ever chose to go to and it was hard knowing my son was there.

Ethiopia and Addis are a place of stark contrasts and I hope to get to do some exploring, but the bureacracy has been all I have done. Hubby, my brother and mother-in-law are on an adventure today to the Blue Nile Gorge, I can't wait to see pics and video, I am sure it will be amazing. So it is just Noah and I today going to the Embassy with Nate and maybe to the hospital and then to our agencies compound, as hubby and I will be staying at the Volunteer house for a few nights since our trip was extended and the WHO is having a huge conference this week, there are no empty rooms at the major hotels so we are crashing with the volunteers, which will be an experience. I just wanted to post to those of you who I know are interested, that we have our son and if all else fails, today I will be taking out his IV needle. Those of you waiting, please prepare for the unexpected. But also know this is the absolutely most amazing thing in the world and I would do it all over again to have my son.

Stay tuned. Our adventure is no where near over yet.

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PastorMac's Ann said...

Hanging on your every post. Praying for you. Can't wait to hear that you're all home safe and sound.