Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Departure

Well, here we are just a mere 2 hours until we have to leave our house to begin our journey. We are packed, we have money--cash and traveler's checks. We have meds for us and for the baby. I have most of my sanity yet none of my nerves intact anymore. I am sitting on pins and needles, but still have a few small items to take care of before we leave, finish the dishes, hide from our housesitter the 2 baskets of clean laudry that are yet to be folded. That will just have to wait until we return.

My brother left yesterday but missed his connection in London as his plane was late and you have to go through a second security check point when you transfer flights--it took him nearly 2 hours. So, he will be on our flight with us tomorrow with us from London to Addis assuming that our flight leaves chicago on time. So much to worry about. But we will get there and knowing that our embassy appointment will probably not be this weeks, takes some of the stress off of when we arrive.

Thank you those of you who have gone before and have imparted on me such wisdom that has allowed me to overprepare for this trip. I take with me the knowledge and support that you have all sent via the wonder cyberwaves that end with me. I will email with progress to those who I know are interested or those who have helped and provided me with the support I have needed to feel comfortable--being relative--as a first time parent.

A note to Teeny--Noah looks forward to coming to visit and play with you...Noah's dad looks forward to seeing you canoe and boat :)

I will see you all when we return. Til then, this show is dark.


MP2 said...

Aaargh! I hope I'm on your "update" list!!!

Bob & Tanisha said...

Congratulations! We are hoping to travel by the first of the year. Maybe when you get settled, you will share your travel experience. God Bless!