Thursday, August 10, 2006


Thank you MP--All his pants will be too big. Everything will be too big--that's okay. He'll grow.

And last, but not least - Dawn, after 3 attempts, I finally caught Noah
awake yesterday. Sadly, I didn't have my camera with as we had just been at the
embassy and they don't allow them. But it was so funny. He was totally dressed
in drag. A denim jumper dress with red and white checkered fringe. But he still
looked very manly (-: Don't worry - they handed Teeny to us in a pink sleeper
and blanket on Day 1! Noah is small like Teeny. I think a newborn or size 1
diaper at the very most. I was there when they changed him, and his little
tushie is narrow. I think he'll be fine in 0-3 month clothes, but maybe bring
some small 3-6 just in case. He is very strong and alert...and get this, he has
not one, but TWO huge dimples! He is gorgeous. He also has a caregiver who is
very attached to him and calls him "her" baby. Oh yah - very long feet on that
guy, too.

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Meepers said...

Ahhhh! He sounds so precious and teeny-tiny! I do hope the hand luggage issue gets sorted soon - ummm...what are you supposed to do, strap diapers and wipes to your body? Ummm on second thought, that would probably get you arrested for smuggling...But... how do they think you're supposed to care for a baby on a long, long plane ride? Hello!!!?? Need I say the words "Blow-Out Diaper"?