Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Home Sweet Streesful Home

I'm back from my wonderfully relaxing and extremely exhilirating vacation at Cedar Point, OH. We survived the thrill rides. If you like roller coasters--this is the place to go. WOW is all I can say. We left early Friday morning after dropping the puppies off at their hotel. The flight was short and eneventful and all I could think about was how the next time we would be leaving home we would be going to Ethiopia to meet and bring home our son. Anyway, we arrived in Cleaveland and their airport is really nice. I'm jealous as our airport sucks.

We thought about going to the rock n' roll hall of fame. But decided not to spend $20 each to go and look at some memoribilia and history of rock--most of which my hubby already knows. We did drive by though, so it is like we went. Cleaveland seems like a pretty nice city. We drove to Cedar Point, along Lake Erie as much as we could. It really is beautiful there. I do like the great lakes region. It was really beautiful. We arrived in Sandusky--yeah not much there. Certainly wouldn't want to live there. We checked in and went to the park. It was great to have evening passes to the park with our package. We didn't wait more than 15 minutes in line for any ride. I can just imagine what the waits are like during their busy months. We rode some really thrilling rides. Hubby would say that they were scary as he is really terrified of heights. But he is a trooper since I really like this stuff. We then went to dinner. Well there really isn't anything or anywhere to really eat. A few chain places but not much else. It is a tourist center. We found and out of the place Mexican restaurant and it was the "loudest" decour I have ever seen. But the food was absolutely awesome.

The next day we went to Soak City--the water park. Just so you know--waterproof 50spf applied 3 times does not protect as well as one might think when you are really pale and in the water all day. Needless to say hubby and I resembeled brick buildings when we woke up Sunday morning and in a little bit of pain, but not too much. Sunday we went to Cedar Point again to ride a few of the rides we didn't ride on Friday. Again we waited not very long for rides. The longest wait was about 45 minutes and that was for the most awesome ride ever. It is a rollercoaster--you get shot at 125mph straight up with a 360 degree turn over the top and then back down 90 degrees with another 360 degree turn. It is over in about 10 seconds but is the most awesome experience ever. Hubby refused to ride this one with me and he would have hated every second of it, so I am glad that he didn't do it. We after about 4 hours at the park we had had enough sun and heat.

There are islands off the coast of Ohio in Lake Erie. Who would have thunk it? If you knew, no need to tell me. We took a ferry to one of the islands and it was so great. I loved it. We had a really romantic day/evening. We rented a golf cart and took it around the island and looked out over the lake. We had a fancy dinner on the water and watched the sunset from the ferry on our way back. I love the water and hubby and I really want to live on water someday--but freshwater not the ocean. It was so nice. I didn't stress the whole trip about money, getting ready for the little one to come home, anything.

Now back to reality. Hubby and I have made a pact to not go out for 1 year. No dinners out--unless someone else treats (parents gotta love them), not movies out--only 1 rental a week. We spend too much money going out, and well, we just don't have it anymore. As we are officially only a one income family. I received my very last paycheck on July 21st and that money paid for our vacation. I did promise my hubby that I wouldn't become a complete freak about money. I will try my hardest, but I do worry about it. I am not getting ready to really think about what we need for our trip and things. I am trying not to stress out about court on Friday, as someone pointed out to me everything really is going my way. I am trying to see it their way, but from the inside it is hard. I know it will all work out but I still worry that it won't. We do plan on gonig to Ethiopia on the 19th even if we are unable to bring the little one home. We will visit for the week, hold him, love him, etc and then return later to pick him up. That takes a little stress off, but I am still anxious.


MP2 said...

Some of our most fun "dates" have been a homemade dinner-for-two in the dining room after the kids have gone to sleep followed by a free movie borrowed from the library (-:

Anonymous said...

Why only a week? Are you not able to stay longer or does the agency not let you stay? I have seen this on other blogs too, where people talk about visiting for a week and then coming home and then going back again later. Is this the agency's rule?

Dawn said...

Not an agency rule. It is just the shortest time we can stay realistically. We could stay if we wanted to, but we want to get home with the baby and start bonding and getting a routine set at home. My husband only gets 3 weeks vacation per year and we have already used some and we would really like to have a week at home as a family before he has to go back to work. We also decided against traveling around Ethiopia with the baby, as there will already be enough changes for him that traveling around is not something we want to put him through. You can stay as long as you like, it just isn't really feasible for us to stay longer.