Monday, August 14, 2006

5 More Days

until we leave to pick up Minow (Miny Noah). I have been reading the latest updates on the British Airways site every chance I get. It appears we will be allowed a small carryon now. The size of a small laptop case. I am not sure what size that really is. But I don't care, as now I can atleast carryon my cameras--I was not looking forward to having to check those. I wanted to video some of our flight over to have full coverage or our"delivery". I am planning to repack today, and tomorrow. I need to unpack the diaper bag and put all of that in our checked luggage. But atleast I can carry on essentials.

I am starting to get really excited now, as the nervousness wanes. There are still things that I am not sure about, like how many bottles I will need, and how often the little one will want/need to eat. Should I take cereal to feed him too, or just wait to do that until I am home with him? There are so many things that I am just not sure about. But I know that I will make it through. Millions of women have done this before me and millions will do it after me and the human race has survived. I can do it.

5 more days. Wow--and this one is close to being over.


Fizzle said...

5 days.wunnerful!!

5KidMom said...

Minow...Too Cute!!!

I am counting down the days with you. This is SOOOO exciting!

MP2 said...

Don't bring cereal - I did and we didn't need it. They're not started on it yet. If you want to minimize bottles, you could get by with just one on the plane. The flight attendants will wash it for you after every feeding.

You're way calmer, cooler, and more collected than I was at this point - way to go! Its going to be incredible. I'm so very excited for you.

ps - Bring 2 cans of formula. We ran out with just one and had to go back on the Ethiopian stuff until we got home. And did I already tell you to pack WARM clothes for all of you?

Anne said...

Wow -- you're a zen goddess! I wish some of that composure would rub off on me...:)