Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lights, Camera, Action

We finally got our power back on Saturday--early morning. We spent nearly 3 full days without power and it was awful--only because it was the hottest 3 days of the year. Thursday we topped out above 100 and with the humidity we had a heat index of about 110. It was nice staying at my dad's house as his isn't under attack by baby supplies nor is it managed by someone who is so completely unorganized that nothing really gets done. It inspired me to decrap my own house and get ready for grown up life with a baby who I am sure will be crawling really soon--too soon if you ask me.

We did get a lot of work done this weekend. We got over half of the trim painted and installed and finished up the floor for the most part--we still need to get the treshold pieces. We took up the dresser/changing table combo--that was a task. I measured so very carefully when I went shopping for the nursery furniture to make sure it would fit in the room. Well I did not even think about measuring the doorway upstairs as it is a tight squeeze. Well we did get it up there, not without a small scratch or two, but it was either that or cut the legs off and that would not have been good. So, it's up there. I managed to single-handedly put the crib together. I had to take the mattress out twice--I forgot the bedskirt once--this also required me to take the bumper off too--which I had to do a few times, as I was not very proficient at putting it on--who knew it would be so tough? Can't wait until a 3 am diaper change when the little one is all dressed in a one piece sleeper...check back for that story in about 6 weeks.

Anyway, the crib is done, the mobile set, the glider put together and in the room. The bookshelf is in and filled with what books I do have--which really aren't as many as I thought I had--will need to buy more. Must have books. I've put his clothes away--again I will need more of somethings. Shopping will be fun...I will wait until I know his exact size and see what is up with how many outfits we go through a day. I will have to watch my spending as I am no longer employeed. We are a single income family. I may try to hit a few garage sales in the upcoming weeks. I might be able to find some good stuff then.

Now I have to brag about my little brother Jeff. He is a producer of a play that is getting ready to debut at a NY festival. You can read about him and the play here, and if you are in the NY area go see the play. They are hoping for a commerical production at some point.

Well 1 weekend down, 3 more to go until we leave to meet our son. I like the way that sounds. Hope eveyone had an awesome weekend.


sarah said...

Congrats, too, on the power. Wow, only three more weeks! That's so soon! Oh, and I did that exact same thing with the bedskirt on the crib. Once when we first put the crib together, and again when we moved.

MP2 said...

Dawn, don't we get to see pictures of the room with the furniture in it???

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
You may want to consider joining freecycle. It is a yahoo group and I am pretty sure there is a St. Louis chapter. Ours is great! We just gave a away a futon frame, and a twin bed this weekend to make room for Daniel's new stuff and we were given a nice dresser (also for Daniel :-)). We have received and given away lots of stuff and have met some great people in the process.
I'm glad your power is back on. I hope your case sailed through court and that the fish are ok.