Friday, July 21, 2006

All About Me

I stole this from Danielle who stole it from someone else. I thought it would be fun to expose myself more than I already have on line. And my brain is a little mushy as our trip to Ethiopia is only 4 weeks away if everythings goes right. I am still in shock. Anyway here it goes....
Abc's of me
Accent: I am from the midwest we have no accent...the rest of you do.
Bed I sleep in: A nice king size his/her bed. My side is soft his is firm. But who am I kidding the dogs get most of it.
Chore I don't care for: All...I guess I most hate cleaning the litter boxes. But all chores suck or they wouldn't be called chores.
Dog or Cat: Both--2 dogs and 3 cats. We also have fish. I might be saying had fish soon as we are still without power which means we are without filtration and air for our fish tanks. Sad...
Essential Electronics: Computer. My mp3 player when riding my bike.
Favorite Perfume: Don't really wear it. I love Aveda's carribean body scrub. I like smelling like the islands
Gold or Silver: Silver all the way.
Handbag I carry most: My brown Dooney & Burke barrell bag--I do usually only carry the matching wallet--I'm so not a "good" girl.
Insomnia: Not much. I can sleep pretty easily. But I have had a little bit of it with the adoption moving so fast.
Job Title: Woman of leisure--well for 4 more weeks then I wear the SAHM badge with honor--I am also a grad student.
Kids: One little boy--almost 4 mos old--waiting patiently for us in Ethiopia. Plus the furry kind. Oh, does my hubby count??
Living Arrangement: We live in the city, in a 4 bedroom solid brick house built in 1928 and not updated since 1968--the people we bought it from 6 years ago had lived there for 50 years. It was like moving into a time warp. We are slowly bringing it into the modern world. Did I say we are doing it slowly???
Most Admirable Trait: My complete goofiness and my never ending smiling.
Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: Depends on when childhood acutally ended.
Overnight Hospital Stay: 1990--ACL reconstruction--allergy to anethesia discovered
Phobia: None--I have tried to unearth one.. Boring!
Quote: Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.--Abraham Lincoln
Religion: No organized affiliation. I subscribe to a menagerie of beliefs...
Siblings: Two younger brothers--32 and almost 31
Time I wake up: 5:30-6:30--habits are hard to break
Unusual talent or skill: I can carry 14 salad plates at one time and not drop one--I spent over 8 years waitressing--sad that this is my talent...
Veggie I refuse to eat: Eggplant.
Worst Habit: I kick off my shoes everywhere and never put them where they go.
Yummy stuff I cook: Everything. I am an awesome cook--I want my power back...
Zoo animal I like most: sea lions--I was kissed by one in 6th grade and have been infatuated with them ever since.

I am totally in love with my son (who I have yet to meet) and my hubby
I want to hold my son and see his smile
I have a wonderful family who loves me and my baby
I wish I was better at saving money
I hate being in debt--even though I will always be (see above)
I miss my grandfathers
I hear the distant cry of my son waiting for me
I wonder if I will be a good mom
I regret unfortunately too much
I am not a good communicator--that goodness hubby loves to talk
I dance remember Elaine's dance on Seinfeld--she looks good compared to me
I sing about as good as I dance, but I love to sing in my car anyway
I cry rarely
I am not always open with my feelings
I make with my hands food
I journal here and on paper when I need too--I use to do it more regularly
I confuse what I should want with what I really want
I need to lose 55 more pounds
I should give more
I start getting bored easily
I finish ummmm...nearly nothing. I am in a constant state of unfinish....


Danielle said...

I think you should treat yourself to one of those electronic self-cleaning litterboxes I always see in the Sky Mall catalog. For Noah.

I hope your fish are OK. Your area made OUR local news this morning, so it must be bad. Hopefully the heat dies down and the power comes back soon!

MP2 said...

I'm positively astonished by your home improvement prowess. Not slow at all! (you should see us - talk about slow)

EthiopiaInMyHeart said...

C'mon! Nobody can dance worse than Elaine from Seinfeld! Give yourself a bit more credit than that.