Thursday, July 27, 2006

Heat, Needles, and Packing...OH MY

I am still angered by what has happened to one of my fellow bloggers. But I have faith that it will all work out for her and she will have an Ethiopian baby soon. Some people were meant to be parents and I believe that her and her husband are of that category. is so important and I have hope as well as faith in fate. You will have that baby that is meant to be yours. I absolutely believe that. I will be thinking about you. I can't wait to hear about your baby.

Okay. It is frickin' hot here in the midwest mississippi river valley. It is humid and sticky and our anciet ac unit has a slow leak so our freon slowly disapates outside leaving the inside not as cool as it should be. We need a new AC but damn they are expensive and so I need to get the AC guy out to service it and give me more freon. So that hubby stops complaining that it is "too hot" in the house. Wah.

Today we have our travel appointment at the travel clinic. Which means shots. And I loath shots, needles, anything of that sort. It was fun when we were going through infertility treatments and hubby had to shot me up with all those drugs. I am excited though too as this really does mean that we are getting closer. We are 23 days away from our tentative travel date. Unbelievable . That is like no time at all. 23 days until I get to meet my son who I feel as though I already know. It is awesome. It is scary.

But before I think and plan too much for our trip to Ethiopia we have another vacation to get ready for. We are going to the famed Cedar Point amusement park. Romantic right? Not really but hubby and I have a way of turning any trip we take into a romantic getaway. Maybe it is because we absolutely love to be with each other so much. I really can't think of anyone else I want to spend time with. Not that I don't love my family and friends, sure I do for an evening or an afternoon, but I love being with my hubby. That is how I knew it would work. He is the first and only guy I ever really wanted to spend time with. He makes me laugh. He loves me so very much and makes me feel good. We have so much fun together. This will be a great trip. It will be our last trip as a couple. After this trip, every trip we take we will be a threesome or more. That is awesome in itself. But this will be nice. We can only focus on us. We don't have to obsess about whether the baby is missing us, about us missing the baby, etc. I am looking forward to it. Hubby needs it as he just got a promotion at work and he has been majorly stressed about work and is slightly stressed about the upcoming addition of baby.

I still am enjoying my new job as a stay at home mom. I have been getting a lot done and still have so much more to do. But it is nice. I like not having the pressure to get things done. When I was working and had weeks off during the summer there was so much pressure to get things done before going back to work, but now if I don't get something done today I can get it done tomorrow, and I end up getting more done. I love it. And I was worried that I wouldn't like staying at home. It rocks....

Well I will see you all when I get home from vacation on Monday. I will be refreshed and hopefully will have some fun pics of hubby and I having some fun....

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PastorMac's Ann said...

I would so LOVE to go to Cedar Point OH with Pastormac! It's only the rollercoaster capital of the world! Man, can I stow away in your suitcase!