Monday, June 19, 2006

Ugly Nation--Movie Recommendation

I sometimes forget how it was just a short time ago in our history that blacks were continually persecuted. Last night hubby and I watched Glory Road the true story of Don Haskins--the first NCAA Division I coach to start black players. Now there had been a black player here and there before this point, but in his first game he started 3 and in the National Championship game he started 5 black players--unprecedented. His team beat powerhouse Kentucky to win the title making it the most important basketball game in college basketball history. It appears that white coaches and the general population always knew that blacks had the athletic ability for sports but it was commonly believed that they did not have the mental capacity to think and be strategic in sports--sad.

The movie is tough at times, as the black players are abused and mistreated. It shows the ugly side of our nation, that we sometimes forgets lurks in the underbelly of our current politically correct world. It shows the heart and fortitude it takes to overcome the constant beating that the spirit takes. It is inspirational and makes me glad that things have changed and are slowly changing. It makes me sad to realize that it was just a short time ago--40 years--when blacks were still being blantantly mistreated and most did not care. Our country was truly ignorant and still is in many ways.

Your dignity is one the inside. No one can take away what is one the inside if you don't let them. Lift up your heads and hold them high.--Don Haskins (slightly misquoted probably) Glory Road.

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