Friday, June 16, 2006

In love with corporate america

Well only because of how well hubby's company treats thier employees. The give us a $3000 adoption benefit per adoption, but it is now looking like he is entitled to 2 months paid paternity leave for birth and/or adoption. Because he does not have a particular number of sick days, he just takes them as he needs them--this makes sense as he hardly takes them--but when you have a certain number you are more likely to take all of them. Anyone who is salaried has no real sick time and because of this I guess the company has decided that 2 months paid is good--he could take 3 but the final month would not be paid. I am so happy to find this out--he is going to double check for sure--but we don't have to use any of his 3 weeks vacation which is really nice. I love his company. They rock. I can't believe that I am going to be able to have hubby home for 8 weeks when we first come home. I am estatic--needless to say so is he.

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Anne said...

That's such good news -- you'll have loads of family bonding time. Congratulations!