Thursday, May 11, 2006

A small connection to our son

The picture is of Debre Zeit--our son's village. I feel lucky to know where he is from. Well as much as we can know. He came to Wanna from here. This is a picture I found on When I received all of his information today from AAI with our placement agreement, I decided to look up where he was from. We have decided that when we travel to pick up our little one we will travel to this village and get some photos and hopefully an artifact or something for him.

Hubby and I have decided that when we are there we are going to pick up 18 souveiners (I am an English teacher and can never spell that world right.) and plan to give him one a year each year on his birthday. I think it will be important to have something from his village. I am so humbled that we have been chosen to be his parents. He is the greatest gift and I will cherish him forever. There is just not feeling like this one. I want him in my arms. I want to protect and love and care for him in the flesh. I am happy to know that he is at Wanna and receiving wonderful care there.

Looking at the picture of where our beautiful boy comes from, humbles me and puts into perspective my own issues with what is enough. I am thankful that I was lucky enough to be born in America. I am lucky to have the opportunities that I have. I will never (hopefully) again lose sight of what is really important. It is not having the newest shoes, but love, happieness and a family to share that with. Everything else will come in time.


Libby said...

Congratulations on traveling to meet your new son! It will be quite the adventure. I traveled in 2003 to bring home my two Ethiopian sons and I am SO glad that I did. It truly gives you a sense of their homeland and you can meet many wonderful people there. Ethiopians are very warm and wonderful people. Take every advantage you can of meeting with the native people of your son's heritage. Good for you to plan to travel to his village since you have this important information.

Libby said...

I am searching the Web for positive stories and resources on African Adoptions for a resource page on my Website (because there isn't much information available on African Adoptions) and I have to tell you: He is absolutely beautiful. I too have fallen in love. Congratulations. May I link to your blog on the page I am creating for

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! He is just beautiful. I am so very happy for you and your family. Our daughter was also adopted from Ethiopia. What smart, loving and lovely people!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I've spent the last hour pouring over your blog--how in the world could I have missed it this long? My husband and I are adopting a Liberian baby--we're just waiting on our social worker, hope to be in line for a referral sometime in June. You and your beautiful baby are inspiring me.

Happy MOTHER's Day...finally!
My very best,