Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dear Birthmother,

I am humbled by your strenght and honor. It takes a strong woman to understand and admit that they cannot care and provide for their baby the way he should be cared for. You obviously thought it through and knew what you were doing. I know you did it for you son and not for you. Your strength overwhelms me. Your courage inspires me. You have given my husband and I the greatest gift in the world. We will honor you. Your son will know that you loved him so much that you knew you couldn't raise him. He will know you courage, bravery and strength. I will raise a strong man. He will know where he came from. We will take him home to Ethiopia as often as we can. I promise to give him all the love he needs and more. I will teach him humility, respect, kindess. I will help him know the importance of helping others. I will most of all teach him that love is the way.
Happy Mother's Day. Without your honor and strength I would not be celebrating today.

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