Friday, April 28, 2006

Can you say NEXT!!!

Okay well almost next. A lot of things have to happen for us to be next. Everyone who received their referrals must accept them--I am sure they will and they all have to remain healthy. As is expected in a third world country--infant mortality is high and it is not uncommon for infants to lose their battle to stay alive. But so far all of the infants seem to be healthy and thriving. There is one family ahead of us waiting for an infant girl, so we there is atleast one family waiting for a boy--then us--if my sleuthing skills are at all reliable. I can't believe it. It really is going to happen and happen soon. We need to get to work. We have so much to do. We have to finish the kitchen, the den, the nursery and I need to lose more weight. Well hopefully my next post will be one of joyous celebration for our family.

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Charlie Cory said...

You have lleft the story unfinished ...

Did you get to the end of the queue?

How did this pan out for you?

Adopting an Infant