Saturday, September 08, 2007

My Class Description

Yesterday I was able to go to the community college where I will be teaching to meet some teacher and attended their English teacher Retreat. It was nice and I am glad that I went. The atmosphere is so different than that of high school. Teachers were really nice and welcoming and offered to help in anyway that they could. For those of you who have worked in schools, especially high schools, might know that this isn't always the case. I am excited and really think that I am going to like it. I just might like it so much that I never return to a high school to teach again.

I really am just happy that I have gotten my foot in the door. As that can be hard to do. I know that it is even harder to get a full-time faculty position but I am pushy and ambitious. I have faith in myself. The course I am teaching is called Developmental writing. It is for those writers/students who need remediation before they can take Composition 1.

Here is what I will be teaching:

6. Learning Objectives (goals):

• Understand that writing involves a process of pre-writing, writing, and rewriting
• Understand the basics of English syntax, grammar, and punctuation
• Understand the basic structure of a paragraph
• Understand that there are many dialects of English, each appropriately used in different cultural, professional, and academic contexts
• Understand that the use of different dialects provides access to and membership indifferent discourse communities
• Understand that skills gained in Composition 020 apply to the workplace as well as toacademia
• Be able to use college resources (such as the Writing Center) beyond the ENG:020teacher to assist in developing writing skills
• Gain greater confidence in writing and the competence to continue writing in othercollege courses
8. Expected Performance Outcomes (measurable):
• Write clear, direct sentences
• Avoid most fragments, comma splices, and run-on sentences
• Use conventional syntax, grammar, and punctuation
• Use a variety of sentence patterns
• Use consistent verb tenses in sentences and paragraphs
• Spell correctly
• Write focused topic sentences
• Support topic sentences with appropriate specific details
• Write appropriately in response to selected readings
9. Minimum Course Requirements (examples may include)
• Write a minimum of 150 words on a topic
• Write four paragraphs, at least one expository
• Complete approximately 40 pages of written practice or exercises
• Attend regularly and participate in class sessions

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Becky said...

Good for you! You will love the college atmosphere. I taught a few quarters at the local CC and loved it (although some college adults are very similar to 3rd graders:).