Tuesday, September 11, 2007


A commenter posted the following:

You have my permission (even though you don't know me!!!) to change your
mind and stay home with your baby a little longer

I just wanted to clear up something for anyone who might be confused. It was totally my choice to teach this ONE class. I am still staying at home with my son. I am not ready to go to work full-time. I am happy working part-time and hope to be able to work part-time until I actually go back to work full-time in a few years. I am only working 3 hours a week. Minnow is in childcare 3 hours a day MWF. But he is being watched by a friend whose son is 2 months younger than Minnow. They had a blast yesterday. It is just as good for Minnow to get to play with another kid his own age 3x a week as it is for me to work those 3 hours a week.

My first day teaching was awesome. It is so different from High School. It is amazing. The students come in and sit down and are ready for class to begin when it is time. The actually listen to you while you talk. It was a very surreal experience. I went in. Taught my class. Went home. It was nice. I still don't know much about the college itself. I still have to fill out my direct deposit paperwork so that I can get paid and in turn my babysitter can get paid.

I think I am going to love this. I think it is amazing. I don't think I will ever return to High School to teach. I guess I always knew that I wanted to teach at the community college--or even an open admissions college. It is so different. It is where I fit. It is where I want to be.

I know it was only my first day, but for those of you who have been or are teachers. You can pretty much tell what a place is like after the first day. I am so excited. I am in a word HAPPY.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy you're happy!

And, incidentally, you have my permission to say "Shut the F^&( up" to the anonymous poster giving you "permission" to stay home. Because isn't that what every mom needs from a stranger? Permission to do what the stranger thinks is best?

You made me excited for my class at the community college at the end of the month :) (which I am doing in addition to running my other business while my happy, well adjusted daughter thrives at day care, except today, because her Grandpa is in town and she's spending the day with him. Hmm, wonder what anonymous would give me permission to do...)


Becky said...

Anonymous is an idiot! Have a great time.

Anne said...

I think it's fantastic -- and that "anonymous" is a world-class wanker. I'm totally excited for you!!!

Stacie said...

Seriously? Geez. Working or not working is a completely personal decision (as long as your children are provided for, which of course, Minnow is being well taken care of) and it REALLY upsets me when people feel they are 'better than' because they are able to stay home with their kids. Maybe 'anonymous' should stop judging people and spend some time with her/his kids instead.

On a better note, yay that you loved teaching your class! I'm so happy for you!

Stacie said...

One more thing - if anonymous feels that strongly about staying home and is so bold to tell you about it, then perhaps anonymous should be brave enough to leave his/her name and not be anonymous. Just an idea.

Daisy said...

I envy you. I teach elementary school in a low-income neighborhood. I love my work, but the stress often leaves me exhausted. If I could jobshare, that would be the best option. Even though my kids are older, they still need me.