Friday, August 31, 2007


Hubby is home from his business trip. Single parenthood is over. I am happy.

You know you are in a city when...

A nice guy buys a bratwurst for a homeless lady. She then says thanks but "give me a dollar" too. He doesn't. She comes up to the counter and asks for BBQ sauce. We say that we don't have any...she then gives us the Bratwurst saying "then I don't want it" and continues to hit the crowd up for money. I was appalled that she would have the audacity to turn down the food--even though I know it is not the food she wanted. She wanted money. She wanted drugs. She needed drugs. That was easy to see.

This is just the most recent example of why I no longer have a hard time walking past those asking for money.

Am I horrible? Do you give to those you see on the streets? Do you not? Share your stories/reasons here. I want to know.


Anonymous said...

No, I don't. And it was really hard to avoid doing so in Ethiopia, BUT, it doesn't make the problem go away, it makes it worse (in my opinion). We brought tons of donations and donated lots of money to build an orphanage, but there was no way I was giving anyone money or anything on the street. Same thing here in the US. In my opinion, if you want to help, you should donate to a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter or a job training program, etc. Coming to rely on handouts doesn't help people get themselves out of the hole they're in, it makes them stay there (IMO).


sarah said...

I do not either. Unless they are selling something. I am a sucker for the giant pixie sticks every now and again...
Usually the people in our town on the street asking for money are in newer clothes than I have and have car parked just a few feet away (i've witnessed this several times). This makes it just a little hard to believe they are THAT hard up... But I could be wrong..